What’s the Secret?

The secret to our great flavor is two fold.

First is the way the food is prepped.

Boss Hog hand picks every piece of beef, chicken and pork to insure the best quality. He take lots of time to hand baste our meats, seasoned to perfection.

Next is just the right amount of time in the smoker and the special wood used to smoke each piece.

After that Boss Hog soaks the meat in a special blend of juices and seasonings that creates a taste that folks crave.

Finally to top it off, Boss Hog’s savory blend of hot and mild BBQ sauce, like no other you’ve ever had. This ain’t no store bought BBQ sauce. It’s been made with the utmost care for a consistent flavor each and every time, which is unmatched by anyone.

Now you know the secret. Of course if you were after the recipe, you’ll be waiting in line. Boss Hog keeps it close to the chest.

Be sure to ask for some of Boss Hog’s Special Blend BBQ Sauce to go. We’ve got both hot and mild and we’ve made some extra.

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